Washinoo OPEN HOUSE Feb 21-23th
Washinoo Open house is now!

Feb 21(Fri)-23(Sun)

sake Washinoo & fascinating cup for Sake are waiting for you!

LCWS 2016: Tours of Iwate sake breweries and craft workshops
December’s Linear Collider Workshop 2016, held in Morioka City, Iwate, will be the perfect opportunity for us to share the charm of Iwate’s traditional culture.

On December 8, tour of our brewery "Washinoo" is included Workshop. I hope to see You!

More information is here.

2月2日 銀座で岩手の清酒まつり





Goto Shu
In Hachimantai City, Goto Shu, an abstract painter, has his studio.
His career started as a graphic designer In Tokyo. Since computers debuted, he thought that computer would replace his work. So he decided to be an artist. He run an exhibition in Japan and all over the world.
Now he has came back to the land of birth, Hachimantai City, and he rents A closed elementary school and use it as a studio. He and his friends paint all walls of the class rooms, and we can see some of his pictures.

His technique of splashing has random nature. In his paints, innumeriable spots of color filled the space like flashing star in the univers.

His studio opens from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (from Wed. to Sun.) .

2-1 Shimizu, Hachimantai City IWATE Prefecture
TEL&FAX 0195-72-2922
http://hoshi.no-blog.jp/shu/ (Japanese page)

Yakehashiri lava flows
Our brewery is at the foot of Mt. Iwate.
Mt. Iwate is active volcano whose last eruption took place in 1732.
In Mt. Iwate, There is vacant space prduced by lava flows called Yakehashiri lava flows. The area is 150 ha. the landscape is phenomenal. Black cold lava flows cover as far as the eye can see.
Our mother water came from here. The water that fall in the Mt. Iwate pass through the ground and cold lava flows. And it take many decades to come below our brewery. So our mother water is moderately hard, contain rich minerals. This wateris good water, and the core of our sake.
We think that local products in hachimantai for instance rice, buckwheat, vegetables, animal products and Sake are all good because they are made from this water.

A Happy New Year!
We started "Broken English" page for domestic business.

We brew Sake "Washinoo" since 1829.
The characters at top-left stand for "Washinoo".

You may taste our sake only in Iwate prefecture.
Our recommended brand "Washinoo Kinjirushi",so sweet and earthy, will make you feel easy.

We hope you will enjoy our sake "Washinoo", when you visit Hachimantai City ,Iwate Prefecture.
Our city has many good tourist attractions and foods in season and local products. So we would like to introduce you some of them once in a while.

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