About our brand "Washinoo"
(stands for Eagle's tail)

We have brewed Japanese Sake "Washinoo", in Hachimantai-shi Iwate Japan since 1829.

Our brand "Washinoo" comes from the site location of our brewery. Our brewery is at the foot of Mt. Iwate, which is also called "Mt. Ganju(a big eagle)". It is said that big eagles lived at Mt. Iwate a long time ago.

In addition, the remaining snow on Mt. Iwate during the early spring appears in the shape of a "spread-eagle".

Our Japanese Sake is brewed with clear and mineral-rich groundwater from Mt. Iwate. And is therefore named "Washinoo(Eagle's tail)"

Washinoo Co., Ltd.
22-158 Oobuke
Hachimantai City Iwate
TEL 0195-76-3211
FAX 0195-76-3212

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